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Paphos Properties
PAGER-PPRI-1371 Plots of land in Geroskipou-Paphos
PASOU-PPRI-1416 Plot of land in Souskiou-Paphos
PAMAN-PAKE-1498 Plot of Coastline Land in Mandria-Paphos
PAPEY-AGEO-0021 Apartments in Peyia Village
PAYER-AMAI-0090 Apartments in Yeroskipou
PAPHO-AMAI-0092 Apartments in Paphos
PAPOL-AMAI-0093 Apartments in Polis
PAPOL-AMAI-0094 Apartments and villas in Polis
PAPOL-ATRI-0101 Apartments and Houses near Polis
PAPHO-AHVA-0150 Apartments in Tombs of the King
PAEMP-AICE-0200 Apartments in Emba
PAMES-AICE-0202 Apartments & Townhouses in Mesa Chorio-Paphos
PAPEY-THVA-0344 Townhouses in Peyia
PAKIL-VCNP-0430 Villas in Kili Village
PAMES-AICE-0547 Stone Villas in Droushia-Polis
PACHL-VKOU-0568 Apartments & Villas in Paphos
PACHL-VKOU-0570 Apartments in Konia-Paphos
PAPOL-AKOU-0578 Apartments in Paphos
PAPOL-AKOU-0579 Apartments in Polis
PAPEY-AKOU-0580 Villas, maisonettes and apartments in Paphos
PAPEY-VKOU-0584 Villas in Peyia-Paphos
PAGOU-TCHR-0776 Villas in Goudi
PASKO-VCHR-0777 Villas & bungalows in Skoulli
PAINI-VCHR-0778 Villas & bungalows in Innia
PAPOL-TCHR-0783 Town houses in Polis
PADRO-VTRI-0796 Stone houses in Droushia
PATAL-AGEO-0806 Apartment complex in Tala Village
PAMES-AHAD-0818 Apartments in Mesa Chorio
PAPEY-VHAD-0825 Villas in Peyia-Paphos
PAKAT-AHAD-0826 One-bedroom apts in Kato Paphos
PAGER-VHAD-0881 Villas in Geroskipou-Paphos
PACEN-AHAD-0882 Apartments in Paphos center
PATSA-VHAD-0887 Villas and bungalows in Tsada
PAEMB-ADNA-0930 Apartments in Emba
PAPEY-VPET-0935 Villas in Peyia
PAKRI-VPET-0938 Villa in Kritou Marottou
PAKOI-VICE-0976 Villas and Town Houses in Koili
PACEN-AHAD-0978 Apartments in Paphos
PAPEY-VGEO-0983 Villas in Peyia
PAEMB-VHAD-1057 Villas in Emba-Paphos
PATAL-VGEO-1058 Villas in Tala-Paphos
PAKIS-ASAV-1060 Apartments in Kissonerga-Paphos
PAKIS-VSAV-1063 Villas in Kissonerga-Paphos
PACHL-VSAV-1065 Villas in Chloraka-Paphos
PAPOL-BCHR-1067 Bungalows in Polis-Paphos District
PAPOL-VCHR-1068 Villas in Polis-Paphos
PAPOL-ACHR-1069 Apartments in Polis-Paphos
PAPOL-ASTR-1090 Holiday Apartments in Polis-Paphos
PAPRO-TGOL-1107 Townhouses in Prodromi-Paphos
PALAT-BGOL-1109 Bungalows in Latchi-Polis
PAPRO-AGOL-1110 Apartments in Prodromi-Paphos
PATOW-APAF-1114 Apartments and Townhouses in Paphos
PAPRO-VPAF-1117 Houses in Prodromi-Polis
PAKIS-VGEO-1123 Villas in Kissonerga-Paphos
PAPEY-ARES-1139 Apartment in Peyia-Paphos
PAKRI-BRAF-1163 Bungalow in Kritou Terra-Paphos
PAKRI-VRAF-1164 Villa in Kritou Terra-Paphos
PAMES-VICE-1186 Detached and Semi-detached villas in Mesa Chorio-Paphos
PAKON-VVOT-1209 Villas in Konia-Paphos
PASTE-VTHS-1212 Villas in Steni Village-Polis
PATRE-ARES-1227 Penthouse Studio in Tremithousa-Paphos
PATAL-VPOL-1229 Detached Houses in Tala-Paphos
PAPOL-VSAV-1234 Villas and Bungalows in Polis-Paphos
PAARG-TGOL-1289 Townhouses in Argaka-Polis
PANEO-VMAI-1395 Villas in Neon Chorion-Polis-Paphos
PAARO-VRAF-1396 Villa in Arodes-Paphos
PAPEY-VARI-1400 Villa in Peyia-Paphos
PAPEY-VARI-1402 Custom Built Villas in Peyia-Paphos
PANEO-ATHS-1439 Maisonettes in Neo Chorion-Polis
PAYER-AMAI-1467 Apartments in Yeroskipou-Paphos
PAPRO-VMAI-1471 Villas in Prodromi-Polis
PAPRO-AMAI-1472 Apartments in Prodromi-Polis
PATAL-VMAI-1475 Villas in Tala-Paphos
PAPOM-VSTC-1480 Villas in Pomos-Paphos District
PAEMB-TPET-1493 Townhouses in Emba-Paphos
PAPEY-VCYB-1516 Detached Villas in Peyia-Paphos
PALEM-VRES-1615 Detached Villa in Lemona-Paphos
PAPEY-BIDE-1654 Stone Bungalow in Peyia-Paphos
PAUNI-APAS-1735 Apartments in Universal Area- Paphos
PAPEY-APAS-1736 Apartments in Peyia-Paphos
PAYER-VHAD-1754 Detached Villas in Yeroskipou-Paphos
PAKAT-TRES-1792 Luxury Townhouse in Kato Paphos
PASAI-VKOU-1833 Custom-Built Villas near Saint George’s Bay-Paphos
PAPEY-VTAS-1882 Villa in Peyia-Paphos
PAKON-VGEO-1896 Luxury Villas in Konia-Paphos
PAPEY-VGEO-1899 Luxury Villas in Peya-Paphos
PAINN-VTSI-2046 Investment Project in Innia-Paphos
PANEA-VGOL-2082 Villas in Nea Dimmata-Polis Chrysochous
PACHL-AHAD-2083 Apartments in Chloraka-Paphos
PACEN-AIRD-2170 Apartments in Paphos
PAKAT-APAF-2189 Apartments in Kato Paphos
PAPEY-VJMK-2195 Villas In Peyia-Paphos
PAKIS-VGEO-2200 Villas in Kissonerga-Paphos
PAKAT-VMIC-2233 Luxury Bungalow in Kathikas-Paphos
PACHL-VIDE-2305 Villas in Chloraka-Paphos
PAKAT-APAF-2349 Apartments in Kato Paphos
PAKAT-TPAF-2350 Townhouses in Kato Paphos
Limassol Properties
LIPEN-P2BLU-0927 Plot 2 at Pentakomo
LIPIS-APAN-1137 Land with project for sale in Pissouri
LIARS-PPAN-1168 Plot of land in Arsos Village-Limassol
LIKEL-PCOL-1188 Plots of Land in Kellaki Village-Limassol
LISOU-PPRI-1237 Plot of land in Souni-Limassol
LIPLA-PTZA-1336 Plot of Land in Plataniskia-Limassol
LISOT-PPRI-1370 Plot of land in Sotira-Limassol
LISOU-PPRI-1380 Plot of land in Souni-Limassol
LISPI-PPRI-1583 Plot of commercial land for sale in Limassol
LIMOU-PPRI-1560 Plots of land in Moutayiaka-Limassol
LIMAS-VARI-0100 Villas in Souni Village
LITRI-VKAR-0303 Houses in Trimiklini Village
LIMAS-AKAR-0311 Apartments in Limassol
LIMAN-VKIN-0431 Luxury Villa in Monagrouli Village
LIMAPS-VPARA-0672 Villas in Apsiou
LIPIS-VANA-0795 Villas in Pissouri-Limassol
LIPIS-AINT-0900 Apartment complex in Pissouri
LIPIS-VINT-0905 Villas in Pissouri
LIPIS-VTHE-0909 Villas & bungalows in Pissouri
LIERI-TPGG-0915 Town houses in Erimi
LIPIS-VPGG-0918 Villas and Bungalows in Pissouri
LIPLA-TPGG-0920 Town houses in Platres
LIPRA-VGAV-0934 Villas in Prastio
LIATH-AGAG-0951 Apartments in Ayios Athanasios
LIFAS-VVLA-0967 Villas in Fasoula
LIPIS-AMARI-0988 Apartments & Maisonettes in Pissouri
LIPIS-AARI-0989 Apartments in Pissouri
LIMES-AATH-0990 Apartments in Mesa Yeitonia
LITYCH-AIKO-1012 Apartments outside Ayios Tychonas
LISOU-VBKAN-1016 Villas and bungalows in Souni
LIMAS-AZAV-1018 Apartments in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LISOU-VLEM-1021 Villas in Souni
LIYER-AKAN-1025 Apartments in Yermasoyia
LIMON-VARI-1034 Villas and bungalows in Monagroulli
LIMON-VKAN-1055 Villas,bungalows,maisonettes & apts in Moni-Limassol
LISOU-VSAV-1059 Villas and Bungalows in Souni-Limassol
LIERI-ASAV-1061 Apts & Townhouses in Erimi-Limassol
LIERI-VSAV-1062 Villas & link houses in Erimi-Limassol
LIEKA-AKOU-1072 Apartments in Ayia Fyla-Limassol
LIFYL-AIOR-1141 Apartments in Ayia Fyla-Limassol
LIPIS-VVIN-1170 Villas in Pissouri-Limassol
LIPRA-VPAM-1196 Houses in Prastio-Limassol
LIMAS-AATH-1197 Apartments in Limassol center
LIPIS-VSAV-1233 Villas and Bungalows in Pissouri-Limassol
LIPET-AINT-1246 Apartments in Limassol
LIEPI-TMAN-1247 Maisonettes and a house in Episkopi-Limassol
LIMES-AKIN-1278 Apartments in Mesa Yeitonia-Limassol Town
LINEA-AGEO-1280 Apartments in Neapolis area-Limassol
LIHEK-AKAR-1284 Apartments in Hekali-Limassol
LITOU-APGG-1290 Exclusive Seaside Apartments in Limassol
LIPIS-VARI-1296 Villas in Pissouri-Limassol
LITOU-AMCO-1300 Apartments in Limassol
LIYER-AARI-1302 Apartments in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIYER-TGEO-1304 Townhouses in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIPIS-VZAV-1325 Villas and Townhouses in Pissouri-Limassol
LIPOT-APGG-1357 Apartments in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIMOU-APGG-1358 Apartments & Maisonettes in Moutayiaka-Limassol
LIPIS-APGG-1359 Apartments & Townhouses in Pissouri-Limassol
LIYER-VARI-1399 Villas in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIFYL-ASAF-1442 Apartments in Ayia Fyla-Limassol
LIPYR-VTHO-1450 Villas-Apartments-Townhouses in Pyrgos-Limassol
LIYER-APAN-1492 Apartments in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LINEA-APAF-1501 Luxury Apartments in Neapolis-Limassol
LICEN-ACYB-1515 Apartments in Limassol Center
LIPOT-APGG-1529 Apartments in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIYER-AATN-1617 Apartments in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIPOT-AIMP-1666 Apartments in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIMAS-AASK-1701 Apartments in Limassol
LIPET-APDO-1716 Apartments in Ap.Petrou & Pavlou-Limassol Town
LIPET-APDO-1717 Apartments in Ap.Petrou & Pavlou-Limassol Town
LIMES-AKIN-1744 Apartments in Mesa Yitonia-Limassol Town
LIATH-ASAV-1755 Apartments in Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
LIPIS-VZAV-1764 Semi-Detached Houses in Pissouri-Limassol
LIYER-ACEC-1765 Apartments in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIMON-VATN-1768 Houses in Moni-Limassol
LISOU-VCOU-1774 Villa in Souni-Limassol
LIFYL-AKAR-1787 Apartments in Ayia Fyla-Limassol
LIAMA-VKAR-1788 Villas and Bungalows in Limassol
LIMON-VSOV-1844 Ecological Houses in Moni-Limassol
LINEK-ATOU-1874 Apartments in Ayios Nektarios area-Limassol
LIATH-AKIN-1932 Apartments in Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
LIAKR-VGAR-1933 Houses in Akrounta-Limassol
LIMOU-VFOT-1967 Villas in Moutayiaka-Limassol
LICEN-ANEW-2017 Apartments in Limassol center
LICEN-ANEW-2018 Apartments in Limassol center
LILAI-AECO-2024 Apartments in Laiki Lefkothea-Limassol
LIPAN-AHER-2030 Apartments in Panthea Area-Limassol
LINEA-AATH-2033 Apartments and Penthouses in Limassol
LIPOT-APPS-2036 Apartments in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIGOV-PPRI-2044 Apartment complex in Governor's Beach-Limassol
LIMOU-AATH-2045 Apartments Moutayiaka-Limassol
LITOU-VPGG-2064 Villas in Limassol
LIMOU-AATN-2065 Apartments in Moutayiaka-Limassol
LICEN-AKIN-2066 Apartments in Limassol Centre
LINEA-AGAL-2075 Apartments & Penthouses in Neapolis-Limassol
LINEA-AMCO-2078 Apartments in Neapolis-Limassol
LIPAN-AGAL-2079 Apartments For Sale in Panthea-Limassol
LITOU-AATH-2092 Apartments in Moutayiaka-Limassol
LIKAT-AKFT-2096 Apartments in Kato Polemidia-Limassol
LIASG-BALP-2097 Bungalow in Asgata-Limassol
LIYER-VPOU-2104 Detached Villas in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIAKR-VGAR-2108 Bungalows in Akrounta-Limassol
LIATH-AKAN-2116 Apartments in Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
LIATH-AKAN-2117 Apartments in Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
LITOU-AKAR-2120 Apartments in Limassol Tourist Area
LIPOT-VKAR-2121 Detached Villas in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LITOU-AAPL-2133 Luxury Apartments in Limassol
LIFYL-AMAV-2137 Apartments in Ayia Fyla-Limassol
LIPIS-HERG-2143 Semi-Detached House in Pissouri-Limassol
LIPYR-BKRI-2144 Bungalow in Pyrgos-Limassol
LIYER-VATH-2198 Modern Houses in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIYER-AATH-2199 Apartments in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIYER-AKIN-2202 Apartments in Yermasoyia Village-Limassol
LIYER-TKIN-2203 Terraced Houses in Yermasoyia Village-Limassol
LIYER-VYIA-2208 Houses & Bungalows in Yermasoyia Village-Limassol
LIYER-AYIA-2209 Apartments in Yermasoyia Village-Limassol
LIPOT-AHCH-2235 Apartments in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIAMA-ACYB-2238 Luxury Apartments on the Limassol Seafront
LIPOT-AYIA-2239 Luxury Apartment in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIPOT-APDO-2261 Apartments in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIPYR-VKRI-2276 Villas in Pyrgos-Limassol
LIPOT-AIMP-2292 Apartments in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LITYC-AATN-2298 Luxury apartments in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
LICEN-ATER-2333 Apartments in Limassol Center
LIMOU-HATH-2341 Houses in the hills of Moutayiaka-Limassol
LITOU-AATH-2383 Apartments & Duplex Apartments in Limassol
LICEN-AHIN-2395 Apartment in Limassol Center
LIPOT-AKRI-2396 Apartments in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIPOT-AKRI-2397 Apartments in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIAMA-AALP-2402 Luxury Apartments in Limassol
LISOU-VCOU-2403 Villas and Bungalows in Souni-Limassol
LIMOU-AZAV-2414 Luxury Seafront Apartments in Limassol
Larnaca Properties
LAZYG-LDBLU-0924 Project and land for sale in Zygi-Larnaca
LATER-PBLU-0929 Plot in Tersefanou
LASOF-PAKE-1499 Coastal Plots of Land in Softades-Larnaca
LATER-AQUA-0166 Apartments in Tersefanou Village
LARNA-ALIV-0218 Apartments and Penthouses in Larnaca
LAORM-VKAL-0300 Villas in Ormedia
LAORM-TKAL-0301 Townhouses in Ormedia
LAPYL-AKAS-0847 Apartments in Pyla
LAKAL-TGSP-0870 Houses in Kalavasos
LAXYL-VCHA-0876 Houses in Xylophagou
LARNA-ALIV-0949 Apartments in Larnaca centre
LAALE-VKCD-0972 Villas in Alethriko
LAPYL-VKYR-0977 Villas in Pyla
LAKAL-VQUA-0996 Villas in Kalavasos
LAKAL-AQUA-0997 Apartments in Kalavasos
LAALA-ATQUA-0999 Apts & Town Houses in Alaminos, Larnaca
LALIV-VPAC-1019 Houses in Livadia
LAXYL-VPIN-1126 Villas in Xylophagou-Larnaca
LAMEN-AKCD-1135 Apartments in Meneou-Larnaca
LAZYG-AQUA-1138 Apartments in Zygi-Larnaca
LAMAR-VQUA-1201 Villas in Maroni-Larnaca
LAMAZ-VMWR-1218 Villas in Mazotos-Larnaca
LAPER-ADEM-1291 Apartments in Pervolia-Larnaca
LAXYL-BMAG-1307 Bungalows In Xylophagou-Larnaca
LAORO-AZAV-1326 Apartments in Oroklini-Larnaca
LARNA-ASTC-1337 Apartments in Larnaca
LAPYL-VSTC-1340 Villas and Bungalows in Pyla-Larnaca
LARNA-ALIV-1342 Apartments in Larnaca
LADRO-ALIV-1343 Apartments in Drosia-Larnaca
LAPYL-ALIV-1390 Apartment complex in Pyla, Larnaca
LATER-ALIV-1456 Apartments in Tersefanou-Larnaca
LATER-APAS-1512 Apartments in Tersefanou-Larnaca
LATER-APAS-1513 Apartment Complex in Tersefanou-Larnaca
LAMAZ-AQUA-1520 Apartments in Mazotos-Larnaca
LATER-AVAS-1720 Apartments in Tersefanou-Larnaca
LAPOR-AQUA-1728 Apartments by the sea in Larnaca
LAPER-VPAS-1866 Luxury Beach Villas in Pervolia-Larnaca
LACEN-ACOL-1885 Apartments in Larnaca centre
LARNA-ALIV-1919 Apartments in Larnaca Town
LAPER-VLNA-1923 Villas in Pervolia-Larnaca
LAALA-VPHL-1992 Villas in Alaminos village-Larnaca
LAPER-VVAS-2068 Villas in Pervolia-Larnaca
LAPYL-VLIV-2101 3-bedroom Villas in Pyla-Larnaca
LACEN-AAFR-2110 Apartments near Larnaca centre
LARNA-ALIV-2114 Apartments in Larnaca
LAPYL-VLIV-2124 3-bedroom Villas in Pyla-Larnaca
LARNA-ASOL-2126 Apartments on the outskirts of Larnaca
LAFAN-ALIV-2146 Apartments in Faneromeni-Larnaca
LAORO-ADEA-2229 Apartments in Oroklini-Larnaca
LAORO-AKAS-2256 Apartments in Orokini-Larnaca
LAKAL-VINT-2281 Villas in Kalavasos-Larnaca
LATHE-VIMP-2299 Villas in Ayios Theodoros-Larnaca
LALIV-ALID-2307 Apartments in Livadhia-Larnaca
LAMAR-VTHE-2342 Detached Villa in Maroni-Larnaca
LAPYL-VCRE-2382 Villa in Pyla-Larnaca
Famagusta Properties
FAVRY-VGIO-0002 Villas in Vrysoulles-Famagusta
FAPER-VSOL-0008 Luxury project in Pernera-Famagusta
FAPRO-ASOL-0010 Apartments in Kapparis-Protaras
FAFRE-VKOL-0068 Villas in Frenaros-Famagusta
FAAVG-VFLO-0537 Villas and bungalows in Avgorou-Famagusta
FADER-ADEM-0674 Apartments in Derynia-Famagusta
FAKAP-HDEM-0676 Various properties in Famagusta
FADHE-APAS-0786 Luxury apartments in Dherynia-Famagusta
FAAYTH-VKAR-0852 Villas in Ayia Thekla-Famagusta
FAPAR-ADEM-0871 Apartments in Paralimni-Famagusta
FASOT-AGIO-0902 Apartments in Sotira-Famagusta
FAVRY-VFLO-0952 Country houses in Vrysoulles-Famagusta
FAKAP-AKMA-0986 Apartments in Kapparis-Famagusta
FAPAR-VKAR-1050 Villas in Paralimni-Famagusta
FADHE-AKOM-1086 Apartments in Dherynia-Famagusta
FAPAR-TTOU-1173 Terraced houses in Paralimni-Famagusta
FAKOK-VDEM-1270 Luxury villas outside Ayia Napa-Famagusta
FATHE-VKAR-1273 Villas in Ayia Thekla-Famagusta
FAFRE-ADEM-1292 Apartments & Townhouses in Frenaros-Famagusta
FAPAR-ADEM-1293 Apartments in Paralimni-Famagusta
FATHE-VGIO-1373 Villas and Bungalows in Ayia Thekla-Famagusta
FAAVG-TGIO-1457 Apartments and Terraced Houses in Avgorou-Famagusta
FALIO-VFLO-1482 Villas & Bungalows in Liopetri-Famagusta
FAPAR-APAS-1510 Apartments in Paralimni-Famagusta
FAPRO-AGIO-1648 Apartments in Protaras-Famagusta
FAPAR-AGIO-1649 Apartments in Paralimni-Famagusta
FAPAR-TDEM-1914 Townhouses in Paralimni-Famagusta District
FAPAR-VDEM-1915 Villas in Paralimni-Famagusta District
FAAVG-BFLO-1917 Bungalows in Avgorou-Famagusta
FAKAP-AKAR-1948 Spa Resort in Kapparis-Famagusta
FATRI-VGIO-1949 Luxury Villas in Ayia Triada-Famagusta
FATRI-VGIO-1950 Villas in Ayia Triada-Famagusta
FAPER-VGIO-1951 Villas in Pernera-Protaras-Famagusta
FAPRO-VTOU-1960 Villas in Protaras-Famagusta
FAFRE-AFLO-2019 Apartments in Frenaros-Famagusta district
FATHE-VPAS-2054 Beachfront Villas in Ayia Thekla-Famagusta
FAPRO-AGIO-2091 Seafront Apartments in Protaras-Famagusta
FAPRO-VKAR-2306 Detached Villas near Protaras-Famagusta
Nicosia Properties
NICSTR-AKOU-0585 Apartments in Strovolos
NICLAK-HMER-0657 Villas in Nicosia
NILAK-VCHP-1014 Villas in Lakatamia
NIDOM-AQUA-1200 Apartments in Ayios Dometios-Nicosia
NILYK-AARI-1295 Apartments in Lykavitos-Nicosia
NIKAI-ASTC-1308 Apartments in Kaimakli-Nicosia
NITSE-HSTC-1311 3 bedroom Houses in Tseri-Nicosia
NIDHA-HSTC-1314 3 bedroom Houses in Dhali-Nicosia
NIENG-ACYB-1346 Apartments in Engomi-Nicosia
NIAGL-ACYB-1347 Apartments in Aglantzia-Nicosia
NIDHA-VQUA-1476 Detached houses in Dhali-Nicosia
NISTR-AKOU-1813 Apartments in Strovolos-Nicosia
NISTR-ATOU-1913 Apartments in Strovolos-Nicosia
NILAK-VARI-2138 Houses in Kato Lakatamia-Nicosia
PAPEY-ARES-0110 Apartment in Peyia
PAPHO-VRES-0394 2 Bedroom Villa in Lysos-Paphos
PATAL-ARES-0790 Apartment in Tala village
LAORO-ARES-0803 1 bedroom apt in Oroklini
PAKAT-ARESD-0843 Apartments in Kato Paphos
PAMAN-ARES-0865 Apt in Mandria, Paphos
LIIPS-HRES-0895 House in Ipsoupolis, Limassol
PAMES-HRES-0896 Traditional stone house in Mesana, Paphos
PATAL-ARES-0911 Apartment in Tala, Paphos
PACOR-VRES-0944 Villa in Coral Bay, Nr. Paphos
FAPAR-ARES-0991 Apartment in Paralimni, Famagusta
LATER-ARES-1030 Apartment in Tersefanou, Larnaca
FAPAR-ARES-1040 Apartment in Paralimni-Famagusta
PAKAM-VRES-1051 Villa in Kamares-Paphos
PAKAT-ARES-1070 Apartment in Kato Paphos
PACHL-TRES-1076 Townhouse in Chloraka-Paphos
FAPAR-ARES-1091 Apartment in Paralimni-Famagusta
LAORO-ARES-1093 Penthouse in Oroklini-Larnaca
LILAN-CRES-1111 Stone Cottage in Lania-Limassol
FAPAR-ARES-1125 Apartment in Paralimni-Famagusta
LALIV-HRES-1133 Semi-detached house in Livadia-Larnaca
PAPEY-ARES-1139 Apartment in Peyia-Paphos
PAKAT-ARES-1142 Studio Apartment in Kato Paphos
PAMAN-ARES-1144 Apartment in Mandria-Paphos
PAKAT-ARES-1155 Apartment in Kato Paphos
PAPEY-TRES-1158 Townhouse in Peyia-Paphos
PATRE-VRES-1161 Detached Villa in Tremithousa-Paphos
PATAL-BRES-1192 Bungalow near Tala-Paphos
FAKAP-ARES-1204 Apartment in Kapparis-Famagusta
LABAY-ARES-1205 Apartment in Larnaca
PATRE-ARES-1227 Penthouse Studio in Tremithousa-Paphos
LILOU-HRES-1230 Traditional House in Louvaras Village-Limassol
LILOU-HRES-1538 Traditional Stone House in Louvaras Village-Limassol
LAORO-ARES-1231 Apartment in Oroklini, Larnaca
LAMAZ-ARES-1257 Apartment in Mazotos-Larnaca
LACEN-ARES-1264 2 bedroom Apartment in Larnaca
LICEN-ARES-1268 Apartment in central Limassol Town
FAPAR-VRES-1330 Detached Villa in Paralimni-Famagusta
PAPEY-ARES-1376 Apartment in Peyia-Paphos
LIVOU-VRES-1391 Detached House in Vouni-Limassol
NIVAR-VRES-1417 Detached House in Ayia Varvara-Nicosia
PAMAR-VRES-1431 Luxury Villa in Marathounda-Paphos
PAPEY-VRES-1454 3 bedroom Detached Villa in Peyia-Paphos
LAMAZ-ARES-1526 Apartment in Mazotos-Larnaca
LAPYL-ARES-1551 Two Apartments in Pyla-Larnaca
LAMAZ-ARES-1584 Apartment in Mazotos-Larnaca
PAUNI-ARES-1595 Apartment in Universal Area-Kato Paphos
PASEC-VRES-1622 Villa in Secret Valley-Paphos
PAPOL-VPPP-1632 Villas and Bungalow in Polis-Paphos
PATOM-ARES-1637 Apartment in Tomb of the Kings area-Paphos
LIMON-VATN-1639 Luxury Villa in Moni Village-Limassol
LAMAZ-TRES-1650 Terraced House in Mazotos-Larnaca
PACHL-VIDE-1651 Villa in Chloraka-Paphos
PAPEY-VIDE-1652 Villa in Peyia-Paphos
PATAL-VICE-1656 Villa in Tala-Paphos
LIPAL-VRES-1658 Detached House in Palodia-Limassol
LATER-ARES-1660 Apartment in Tersefanou-Larnaca
LAKIT-ARES-1661 Penthouse Apartment in Kiti-Larnaca
PAPEY-HRES-1665 Semi Detached House in Peyia-Paphos
LIPAR-VRES-1694 Detached house in Pareklisia- Limassol
LAORO-HVAS-1718 Detached House in Oroklini-Larnaca
LALIV-AVAS-1719 Apartment in Livadia-Larnaca
LAPER-VRES-1731 Detached House in Pervolia-Larnaca
LINEA-ARES-1743 Apartment in Neapolis area-Limassol
PACHL-VRES-1750 Detached Villa in Chloraka-Paphos
PAUNI-ARES-1751 1-bedroom Apartment in Universal Area-Kato Paphos
PAPRO-VRES-1758 Villa in Prodromi-Polis
LAZYG-VRES-1760 Luxury Villa in Zygi-Larnaca District
PANEO-VRES-1762 Luxury Stone Villa in Neo Chorio-Polis
LIYER-ARES-1777 Apartment in Yermasoyia area-Limassol
LITOU-ARES-1784 3-bedroom coastal apartment in Limassol
PAKAT-TRES-1792 Luxury Townhouse in Kato Paphos
LALEF-VRES-1796 Stone Village House in Lefkara-Larnaca District
LACHR-TRES-1799 Terraced House in Chrysopolittisa-Larnaca
LAORO-VRES-1832 Detached Villa in Oroklini-Larnaca
PATSA-VRES-1838 Detached Villa in Tsada-Paphos
PAPEY-VRES-1839 Detached Villa in Peyia-Paphos
PAANA-VRES-1840 Detached Villa in Anavargos-Paphos
PAEMB-VRES-1842 House in Emba-Paphos
PAKAT-VRES-1843 Villa in Kato Paphos
PATAL-BRES-1851 Stone-Built Bungalow in Tala-Paphos
PAKON-VRES-1854 Luxury Villa in Konia-Paphos
LACEN-ARES-1858 Apartment in Larnaca
PAPOM-BRES-1880 Bungalow in Pomos-Polis Chrysochous-Paphos District
PACOR-VRES-1898 Detached Villa in Coral Beach-Paphos
LIAMA-VRES-1904 Detached Villa in Amathus-Limassol
LIAMA-ARES-1927 Luxury Apartment in Amathus-Limassol
PAPEY-VRES-1929 Detached Villa in Peyia-Paphos
LALIV-TRES-1931 Maisonette in Livadia-Larnaca
LIPAR-VRES-1934 House in Pareklisia-Limassol
LIKAT-VRES-1936 House in Kato Polemidia-Limassol
PAMES-BRES-1953 Traditional stone Village house in Mesana village-Paphos
LIMES-VRES-1966 Semi-detached House in Mesa Yitonia-Limassol
PASEA-VRES-1994 Villa in Sea Caves-Paphos
LIERI-VRES-1997 Villa in Erimi-Limassol
LILIN-ARES-1999 Apartment in Linopetra area-Limassol
NIACR-ARES-2000 Apartment in Acropolis area-Nicosia
LADRO-ARES-2003 Apartment in Drosia-Larnaca
LIAMA-ARES-2004 Luxury Apartment in Amathus Area-Limassol
PAYER-ARES-2005 Apartment in Yeroskipou-Paphos
LAPYL-VRES-2010 Semi Detached House in Pyla-Larnaca
LIMOU-TRES-2016 Maisonette for sale in Moutayiaka Area-Limassol
LIMES-ARES-2021 Semi-detached upper-level house in Mesa Yitonia-Limassol
PATAL-BRES-2031 Bungalow-in Tala-Paphos
PATAL-VRES-2034 Detached Villa in Tala-Paphos
NISTR-ARES-2038 Apartment in Strovolos-Nicosia
LIYER-ARES-2053 Apartment in Yermasoyia village-Limassol
LIKAP-HRES-2084 Semi Detached House in Kapsalos-Limassol
LIPOT-VRES-2086 Detached House in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIPIS-VRES-2088 Villa in Pissouri-Limassol
LIPHI-VRES-2090 Detached Villa near Phinikaria-Limassol
LAKIT-ARES-2105 Apartment in Kiti-Larnaca
LICEN-ARES-2109 Penthouse for sale in the centre of Limassol
LIKOL-HRES-2112 Detached House in Kolossi-Limassol
NIPAL-HRES-2113 Preserved Detached House in Palouriotissa-Nicosia
LACHO-TRES-2119 Semi-Detached Townhouse in Choirokitia-Larnaca
LATRO-HRES-2127 Detached House in Troulli-Larnaca
PAYER-ARES-2129 Apartment in Yeroskipou-Paphos
PACHL-ARES-2132 Apartment in Chloraka-Paphos
LICEN-ARES-2134 Duplex Apartment in Limassol centre
LIYER-HRES-2140 House in Yermasoyia-Limassol
NIALA-VRES-2142 Villa in Alampra-Nicosia
LIGEO-ARES-2145 Apartment in Ayios Georgios-Limassol
LILAN-HRES-2160 Detached House in Lania-Limassol
LITYC-HRES-2161 Detached House in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
PAAKO-BRES-2162 Bungalow in Akoursos-Paphos
PAAKO-BRES-2163 Bungalow in Akoursos-Paphos
LAKIT-HRES-2164 Link-Detached house in Kiti-Larnaca
PACHL-HRES-2172 Detached House in Chloraka-Paphos
LIPAN-HRES-2174 House in Panthea-Limassol
LALEF-HRES-2190 Link-Detached House in Lefkara-Larnaca
PASTR-VRES-2192 Detached Villa in Stroumbi-Paphos
LAANA-VRES-2194 Semi-Detached House in Anafotida-Larnaca
LISOU-BRES-2207 Bungalow in Souni-Limassol
LISOU-VRES-2211 Luxury Detached Villa in Souni-Limassol
LIPOT-ARES-2215 Apartment in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LINEA-ARES-2217 Apartment in Neapolis-Limassol
LITOU-ARES-2221 Apartments in Tourist area of Limassol
LITOU-ARES-2222 Apartment in Tourist area of Limassol
LITOU-ARES-2223 Apartment in Tourist area of Limassol
LIPOT-ARES-2224 Apartments in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LINIK-ARES-2226 Luxury Apartment in the West Tower-Limassol
LIMON-VRES-2227 Luxury Villa in Moniatis-Limassol
PAKAT-ARES-2230 Apartment in Kato Paphos
LIATH-VRES-2232 Modern 4 bedroom Villa in Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
LIMOU-TRES-2254 Terraced House for sale in Moutayiaka-Limassol
PATIM-TRES-2257 Townhouse in Timi Village-Paphos
PATOM-ARES-2260 Ground Floor Apartment in Tomb of the Kings-Paphos
LAANA-HRES-2275 Detached House in Anafotida-Larnaca
LITOU-ARES-2285 Apartment in Limassol tourist area
LIAMV-HRES-2288 Detached Stone built house in Ayios Amvrosios-Limassol
PATOM-ARES-2290 Apartment in Tomb of the Kings-Paphos
LIAMA-TRES-2291 Maisonette in Amathus-Limassol
PAPEY-ARES-2294 Apartment in Peyia-Paphos
PAPEY-VRES-2301 Villa in Peyia-Paphos
LIKAP-ARES-2302 Apartment in Kapsalos-Limassol
LIPOT-ARES-2313 Penthouse in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
NIMEN-BRES-2314 Bungalow with Land for sale in Meniko-Nicosia
LIATH-HRES-2315 Semi-Detached House in Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
PAKAT-ARES-2316 Ground Floor apartment in Kato Paphos
LADRO-HRES-2324 A Detached House with Land In Dromolaxia-Larnaca
LADRO-HRES-2325 Detached House in Dromolaxia-Larnaca
PACHL-ARES-2327 Apartment in Chloraka-Paphos
PAANA-VRES-2335 Detached Villa in Anarita-Paphos
FAPAR-ARES-2336 Apartment in Paralimni-Famagusta
LIPOT-HRES-2337 House in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LINEA-ARES-2339 Apartment in Neapolis-Limassol
FAPAR-ARES-2347 Apartment in Paralimni-Famagusta
LIYER-VRES-2353 House in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIPOT-ARES-2358 Apartment in Yermasogia Area-Limassol
LIERI-HRES-2360 Detached House in Erimi-Limassol
LIAMA-ARES-2361 Apartment in Amathus-Limassol
LIKAP-BRES-2366 Semi-detached Bungalow in Kapsalos-Limassol
LITYC-VRES-2367 Luxury Villa in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
LAXYL-VRES-2368 Semi Detached Villa in Xylophagou-Larnaca
LIERI-VRES-2369 Detached Villa in Erimi-Limassol
LIOMO-HRES-2370 Semi detached house in Limassol
LIPOT-ARES-2372 Apartment in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIPIS-HRES-2373 Terraced house in Pissouri-Limassol
LICEN-ARES-2375 Penthouse in Limassol Centre
LIASG-HRES-2377 Detached House in Asgata-Limassol
PAEMB-BRES-2380 Bungalow in Emba Village-Paphos
PAKAT-BRES-2381 Bungalow in Kathikas Village-Paphos
LITYC-ARES-2384 Apartment in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
LAZYG-ARES-2390 Seafront Apartment in Zygi-Larnaca
LICEN-AREA-2393 Apartment in Limassol Centre
LIYPS-VRES-2394 Detached House in Ypsonas-Limassol
LISOU-BRES-2404 Bungalow in Souni-Limassol
LISOU-BRES-2407 Bungalow in Souni-Limassol
LIMES-ARES-2408 Penthouse in Mesa Yitonia-Limassol
LIPOT-ARES-2409 Penthouse in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LICEN-ARES-2417 Spacious Studio in Limassol town centre
LICEN-ARES-2421 Apartment in the center of Limassol
LIPAL-VRES-2425 Villa in Palodia-Limassol
Traditional Village Houses
PAMES-HRES-0896 Traditional Stone House in Mesana-Paphos
LILAN-CRES-1111 Stone Cottage in Lania-Limassol
LILOU-HRES-1230 Traditional House in Louvaras Village-Limassol
LILOU-HRES-1538 Traditional Stone House in Louvaras Village-Limassol
PADRO-VTRI-0796 Stone houses in Droushia near Polis
LIANO-VSAL-1258 Villas in Anogyra-Limassol
LIANO-TSAL-1259 Townhouses in Anogyra-Limassol
LIANO-VSAL-1261 Traditional-Style Villas & Bungalows in Anogyra-Limassol
PAMES-AICE-0547 Stone Villas in Droushia-Polis
LISOU-VZAV-1324 Stone Villas & Bungalows in Souni-Limassol
LAPSE-BSTC-1339 Traditional-style stone cottages in Psevdas-Larnaca
PAPOM-BSTC-1481 Bungalow in Pomos-Paphos District
LIYER-AKAR-1484 Village-style apartments in Yermasoyia-Limassol
PAPEY-BIDE-1654 Stone Bungalow in Peyia-Paphos
PAMES-BRES-1953 Traditional stone Village house in Mesana village-Paphos
LATOC-HRES-2123 Traditional Stone house in Tochni-Larnaca
LISPI-HRES-2153 Stone Village House in Spitali-Limassol
LALEF-HRES-2309 Traditional Stone Village House in Lefkara-Larnaca
LIVOU-HRES-2376 Traditional Stone house in Vouni-Limassol
PALET-HRES-2379 Traditional Stone Village House in Letymbou-Paphos
LIKOI-HRES-2420 Stone Village House in Koilani-Limassol
LIVAS-HRES-2422 Traditional Stone Village house in Vasa-Limassol
LIATH-HRES-2423 Stone House in Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
Golf Properties
PAPHO-VARI-0050 Luxury Golf Plots and Villas
PASEC-VRES-1622 Villa in Secret Valley-Paphos
PAAPH-ALAN-0010 Project at Aphrodite Hills
PAAPH-ALAN-2149 Luxury Golf Apartments near Aphrodite's Rock-Paphos
PAAPH-VLAN-2151 Luxury Golf Villas near Aphrodite's Rock-Paphos
PAAPH-VLAN-2152 Ultra-luxurious Golf Villas near Aphrodite's Rock-Paphos
Commercial Property
PAPHO-SHAD-1180 Shops for sale in Paphos
LAORO-CQUA-1182 Shops and Offices for sale in Oroklini-Larnaca
LAANG-CQUA-1202 Shops and Offices for sale in Agglisides-Larnaca
LARNA-CQUA-1203 Shops and Offices for sale in Larnaca
LARNA-CQUA-1389 Commercial Center with Offices in Larnaca
LICEN-CZAV-1523 Commercial Building for sale in Limassol
LICEN-CZAV-1524 Commercial Building for sale in Limassol
LIMES-CIMP-1667 Shop and Offices for sale in Limassol
LICEN-CAMG-1748 Commercial buiding with Shops and Offices in Limassol
LIMES-CGAR-1859 Commercial Building with Shop and Offices in Mesa Yitonia–Limassol
LICEN-CPRI-1971 Shop for sale in Limassol centre
PASTG-PPRI-2175 Leased Land Investment Opportunity in St George Peyia-Paphos
LICEN-CPRI-2182 Commercial Property for sale in Limassol
LITOU-CPRI-2268 Investment Hotel For Sale in Limassol
LITOU-CCYB-2328 Commercial Building in Limassol
LITRE-CPRI-2378 Family Lodge for sale in Troodos Mountains
LIOMO-CPRI-2385 Commercial Building for sale Omonia-Limassol
LICEN-CPRI-2387 Commercial building for sale in Limassol
Cyprus Properties for Rent
Commercial Property For Rent
LIFYL-CREN-1956 Space for rent in Ayia Fyla-Limassol
LIMAK-CREN-1957 Shop and Offices for rent in Limassol
LIZAK-CREN-1968 Offices for rent in Zakaki-Limassol
LIMES-CREN-1970 Offices for rent in Mesa Yitonia-Limassol
LICEN-CREN-2069 Office for rent in Limassol centre
LISYL-CREN-2184 Warehouse for rent in Ayios Sylas-Limassol
LIKAT-CREN-2319 Office space to rent in Limassol
LIOMO-CREN-2406 Offices for rent in Omonia-Limassol
NIAND-CREN-2095 Office for rent in Ayios Andreas-Nicosia
LAORO-AREN-1552 Apartment for rent in Oroklini-Larnaca
LAKIT-AREN-1576 Apartment for rent in Kiti-Larnaca
LAPYL-VREN-1883 Luxury House for rent in Pyla-Larnaca
LAORO-AREN-1889 Apartment for rent in Oroklini-Larnaca
PATAL-BREN-1194 Bungalow for rent near Tala-Paphos
PAUNI-TREN-1038 Townhouse for rent in Paphos
PAPEY-TREN-1368 Townhouse for rent in Peyia-Paphos
PAMAN-AREN-1696 Apartment for rent in Mandalos-Paphos
PATRE-VREN-1812 6 bedroom villa for rent in Tremithousa-Paphos
PAPEY-AREN-2365 Apartment for rent in Peyia-Paphos
LIMAS-AREN-1185 Apartments for rent in Limassol
LIMOU-AREN-1453 Apartment for Rent in Limassol Seafront Area
LIPOT-AREN-1367 Beachfront Apartment for rent in Limassol
LIPOT-AREN-1503 Beachfront Apartment for rent in Limassol
LITRI-HREN-1521 House for rent in Trimiklini-Limassol
LIMES-AREN-1536 Upper Level House for rent in Mesa Yitonia-Limassol
LIPAR-VREN-1605 3-bedroom House for rent in Paramytha-Limassol
LIOMO-AREN-1638 Upper level house for rent in Omonia area-Limassol
LIKAT-AREN-1668 Apartment for rent in Kato Polemidia-Limassol
LINEO-AREN-1798 Apartment for rent in New Port area-Limassol
LIPIS-VREN-1962 Houses for rent in Pissouri village-Limassol
LICEN-AREN-1972 Luxury apartment for rent in Limassol Centre
LIPOT-TREN-2007 Luxury Maisonette for rent in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LICEN-AREN-2012 Apartment and office for rent in Limassol town
LIAMA-AREN-2013 Luxury Apartment for rent in Amathus-Limassol
LIMOU-TREN-2015 Maisonette for rent in Moutayiaka Area-Limassol
LITOU-AREN-2122 Penthouse for rent in Limassol's tourist area
LIMOL-AREN-2136 Penhouses for rent in Molos area-Limassol
LINIK-AREN-2201 Apartment for rent in Limassol
LICEN-AREN-2210 Penthouse for rent in Limassol Centre
LICEN-AREN-2259 Studios for rent in the center of Limassol
LINEA-AREN-2271 Apartment for rent in Neapolis-Limassol
LINEA-AREN-2274 Apartment for rent in Neapolis-Limassol
LICEN-AREN-2282 Apartments for rent in Limassol center
LICEN-AREN-2283 Apartment for rent in Limassol town centre
LITYC-HREN-2326 Townhouse for rent in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
LIFYL-VREN-2331 Luxury Villa for rent in Ayia Fyla-Limassol
LITYC-TREN-2355 Townhouse for rent in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
LITYC-VREN-2413 Luxury Villa for rent in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
LIAPE-HREN-2416 House for rent in Apeshia-Limassol
LIAMA-AREN-2419 Luxury apartment for rent in Amathus-Limassol
Luxury Property in Cyprus
LAMAZ-VCOS-0910 Villas in Mazotos, Larnaca
LICOL-HRES-0835 Luxury house in Limassol
LIAMA-VPII-0832 Detached villas in Amathus Area, Limassol
LIMAS-ARES-0838 Apartment in tourist area of Limassol
LAKRA-VRES-0901 Luxury villa in Larnaca
LIAMA-APGG-0939 Luxury apartments in Limassol
LIPOT-ALEM-1009 Luxury apartments in Limassol
PAKIS-VGEO-1123 Villas in Kissonerga-Paphos
LITYC-VKAR-1136 Luxury villas in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
PAKRI-VRAF-1165 Villa in Kritou Terra-Paphos
LARNA-VQUA-1183 Luxury seafront villas in Larnaca
PAKRI-VTHS-1215 Luxury villa in Kritou Terra-Paphos
LIPAN-VRES-1226 Luxury house on Panthea Hill-Limassol
LIANO-VSAL-1260 Deluxe 5 bedroom Villa in Anogyra-Limassol
LILIN-VINT-1262 Luxury Villa in Linopetra Area of Limassol
PANEO-VGOL-1288 Luxury 3 Bedroom Villas in Neo Chorio-Polis
PALET-VRES-1305 Exclusive 5 bedroom villa in Letymbou-Paphos
LIAMA-VPDO-1322 Luxury Villas in Amathus-Limassol
LIYER-VZAV-1323 Custom-Built Villas in Yermasoyia-Limassol
LAANN-VSTC-1341 5 bedroom Villa in Ayia Anna-Larnaca
PATAL-VICE-1379 Custom Built Villas in Tala-Paphos
LITYC-VPGG-1403 Exclusive Villas in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
NIVAR-VRES-1417 Detached House in Ayia Varvara-Nicosia
LITOU-VATH-1424 Luxury Villas in Limassol
PAMAR-VRES-1431 Luxury Villa in Marathounda-Paphos
LIPIS-VINT-1461 Custom-Built Villas in Pissouri, Limassol
PAPOT-VMAI-1473 Luxury Villas in Potima-Paphos
PALAT-VMAI-1474 Beach Villas and Bungalows in Latchi-Polis
LAMAZ-VALL-1483 Luxury Seaside Villas-Townhouses-Apartments in Mazotos-Larnaca
LITYC-VALP-1487 Villas in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
NISTR-VSTC-1496 Luxury Houses in Strovolos-Nicosia
FAPRO-VPAS-1511 Luxury Seafront Villas in Protaras-Famagusta
LIAMA-VATN-1618 Luxury Villas in Amathus-Limassol
LIAMA-VASK-1625 Luxury Beach Villas in Amathus-Limassol
LIAMA-AASK-1626 Luxury Apartments in Amathus-Limassol
LISOU-VTHE-1645 Luxury Villa in Souni Village-Limassol
LITYC-VALP-1673 Luxury Villas in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
LIENE-AOLY-1674 Deluxe Seafront Apartments in Limassol
LATHE-VQUA-1705 Seafront Villas in Agios Theodoros-Larnaca
LAFIN-AQUA-1706 Seafront Apartments in Finikoudes-Larnaca
LIARM-VSAV-1710 Custom-built Villa in Armenochori-Limassol
LIARM-VSAV-1711 Custom-built Villa in Armenochori-Limassol
PAPEY-VPAS-1739 Luxury Villas in Peyia-Paphos
LAZYG-VRES-1760 Luxury Villa in Zygi-Larnaca District
PANEO-VRES-1762 Luxury Stone Villa in Neo Chorio-Polis
LITYC-APAT-1786 Deluxe seafront apartments in Ayios Tychonas area-Limassol
LIAMA-VFRE-1814 Luxurius Beach Villas in Amathus-Limassol
LITYC-VHER-1816 Luxury Villa in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
LITYC-VTRY-1817 Deluxe Villa in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
LIKAL-VKOK-1818 Luxury Villa in Kalogiri-Limassol
LIKAL-VANT-1819 Luxury Villa in Kalogiri-Limassol
LIARM-VPGG-1820 Luxury Villas in Armenochori-Limassol
LIKAL-VPOU-1821 Luxury resale villa in Kalogiri-Limassol
LIKAL-VPOU-1822 Luxury Villa in Kalogiri-Limassol
LIKAL-VPOU-1823 Luxury Villa in Kalogiri-Limassol
LIKAL-VPOU-1824 Luxury Villa in Kalogiri-Limassol
LIKAL-VPOU-1825 Luxury Villa in Kalogiri-Limassol
LIAMA-VCYB-1827 Luxury Villas in Amathus-Limassol
LIAMA-VCOU-1848 Luxury Beachfront Villa in Amathus-Limassol
PAKON-VRES-1854 Luxury Villa in Konia-Paphos
LAPER-VPAS-1866 Luxury Beach Villas in Pervolia-Larnaca
PAPEY-VMAI-1869 Luxury Villa in Peyia-Paphos
PASEA-VCHN-1870 Luxury Villa in Sea Caves area-Paphos
LIAMA-VFRE-1876 Luxury Beachfront Villa in Limassol
PAPOM-BRES-1880 Bungalow in Pomos-Polis Chrysochous-Paphos District
PAAPH-VGEO-1890 Luxury Villa in Paphos
LIAMA-VPII-1893 Luxury Villa in Amathus-Limassol
LIAMA-VPII-1894 Luxury Villa in Amathus-Limassol
LIAMA-VPII-1895 Luxury Villa in Amathus-Limassol
PAAKA-VCYB-1902 Villas in the Akamas Bay-Polis Chrysochous-Paphos
LIAMA-VRES-1904 Detached Villa in Amathus-Limassol
PAKIS-VVOT-1924 Luxury Villa in Kissonerga-Paphos
LIAMA-VELI-1926 Luxury Villas in Amathus-Limassol
LIAMA-ARES-1927 Luxury Apartment in Amathus-Limassol
LIKAT-VRES-1936 House in Kato Polemidia-Limassol
PAPEY-VRES-1944 Exclusive Villa in Peyia-Paphos
LIPIS-VRES-1984 Luxury Detached Resale Villa in Pissouri-Limassol
FANAP-VPHL-1987 Luxury seafront villas in Ayia Napa-Famagusta
PASEA-VRES-1994 Villa in Sea Caves-Paphos
LIKAL-VRES-2067 Luxury Villa in Kalogirous-Limassol
LIYER-VRES-2139 Luxury Villa on the hills of Yermasoyia-Limassol
PASEA-VRES-2165 Luxury Villa in Sea Caves area-Paphos
LIATH-VCRY-2234 Luxury Villa n Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
LIAMA-APII-2279 Luxury seafront apartments in Limassol
LIAMA-APII-2280 Luxury seafront apartments in Limassol
LIKAL-VKYK-2321 Luxury Villa in Kaloyiroi area-Limassol
LIKAL-VRES-2348 Luxury Villa in Kaloyiroi area-Limassol
LIATH-VRES-2386 Luxury Villa in Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
LITYC-VATN-2388 Luxury Villa in Ayios Tychonas-Limassol
LIAKR-VRES-2392 Luxury Villa in Akrounda-Limassol
LIAMA-VPDO-2410 Luxury Villa in Amathus-Limassol
PAKIS-VANT-2412 Front Line Villas in Kissonerga-Paphos
LIAMA-AZAV-2415 Luxury Seafront Apartments in Limassol
LIMOU-AATN-2418 Luxury Villas in Moutayiaka-Limassol
LIFYL-VRES-2428 Luxury Villa in Ayia Fyla-Limassol
Bargain Properties in Cyprus
LIMOU-PPRI-1560 Plots of land in Moutayiaka-Limassol
NITSE-HSTC-1311 Houses in Tseri-Nicosia
FAKAP-ARES-1204 Apartment in Kapparis-Famagusta
LATER-ARES-1030 Apartment in Tersefanou-Larnaca
PAPHO-VRES-0394 Villa in Lysos-Paphos
PAMES-HRES-0896 Traditional stone house in Mesana-Paphos
PAPOL-VPPP-1632 Villas and Bungalow in Polis-Paphos
PAMAN-ARES-1144 Apartment in Mandria-Paphos
PAPRO-VRES-1758 Villa in Prodromi-Polis
PAMAN-ARES-0865 Apartment in Mandria-Paphos
PAYER-ARES-2005 Apartment in Yeroskipou-Paphos
LIARA-AYIA-2188 Apartment in Arakapas-Limassol
LICEN-ARES-2219 Apartment/ Office for sale in Limassol centre
LAANA-VRES-2194 Semi-Detached House in Anafotida-Larnaca
Land for sale in Cyprus
FAAVG-PPRI-2147 Land for sale just outside Avgorou-Famagusta
PAGER-PPRI-1371 Plots of land in Geroskipou-Paphos
PASOU-PPRI-1416 Plot of land in Souskiou-Paphos
PAMAN-PAKE-1498 Plot of Coastline Land in Mandria-Paphos
PAANA-PPRI-1699 Agricultural Land for sale in Anarita-Paphos
PAPEY-PPRI-1831 Plot of land in Peyia-Paphos
PATSA-PPRI-1837 Plot of land for sale in Tsada-Paphos
PAPEY-PIDE-1857 Plot for Sale in Peyia-Miamiliou-Paphos
PATSA-PPRI-2027 Land for sale in Tsada-Paphos
PAINE-PPRI-2058 Land for sale in Ineia-Paphos District
PAPEY-PPRI-2102 Plots for sale in Peyia-Paphos
LISPI-PPRI-1583 Plot of commercial land for sale in Limassol
LIMOU-PPRI-1560 Plots of land in Moutayiaka-Limassol
LIOMO-PPRI-1685 Plot of land in Omodos-Limassol
LIGOV-PPRI-1695 Land near Governor’s Beach area-Limassol
LIMON-PPRI-1807 Land for sale in Monagroulli-Limassol
LIYPS-PPRI-1853 Land for sale in Ypsonas-Limassol
LIPAR-PPRI-1856 Land for sale in Pareklisia-Limassol
LIPOT-PPRI-1961 Plot of land in Potamos Yermasoyia-Limassol
LIPET-PPRI-1963 Land for sale in central Limasol
LITRI-PPRI-1985 Land for sale in Trimiklini-Limasol
LIPIS-PPRI-2009 Land for sale in Pissouri-Limassol
LIPIS-PPRI-2039 Land in Pissouri-Limassol
LIPIS-PPRI-2040 Land in Pissouri-Limassol
LIPIS-PPRI-2041 Land in Pissouri-Limassol
LIPLA-PPRI-2042 Land in Pano Platres-Limassol
LIATH-PSAK-2061 Land for sale in Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
LIZON-PPRI-2073 Land for sale in Limassol Center
LIAPE-PPRI-2074 Land for sale in Apesia-Limassol
LIPIS-PPRI-2158 Land for sale in Pissouri-Limassol
LISOU-PPRI-2173 Land for sale in Souni-Limassol
LISPY-PPRI-2183 Land for sale in Ayios Spyridonas-Limassol
LISOT-PPRI-2193 Land for sale in Sotira-Limassol
LIEPI-PPRI-2240 Land for sale in Episkopi-Limassol
LIAPE-PPRI-2241 Agricultural Land with Plantation for sale near Apeshia-Limassol
LIASG-PPRI-2242 Plot for sale in Asgata Village-Limassol
LIZAK-PPRI-2258 Half plot of land in Zakaki-Limassol
LIKAL-PPRI-2263 Plots for sale in Kalogirous-Limassol
LIPAL-PPRI-2297 Land for sale in Palodia-Limassol
LIPAN-PPRI-2340 Plot for sale in Panthea area-Limassol
LIKAT-PPRI-2352 Land for sale in Kato Platres
LIATH-PPRI-2359 Plot in Ayios Athanasios-Limassol
LIKOL-PPRI-2411 Land in Kolossi-Limassol
LIKOL-PPRI-2424 Corner Plot for sale in Kolossi-Limassol
LIPER-PPRI-2426 Land for sale in Pera-Pedi-Limassol District
FACAP-PPRI-1753 Land for sale in Cape Greko-Famagusta District.
LATER-PBLU-0929 Plot in Tersefanou-Larnaca
LASOF-PAKE-1499 Coastal Plots of Land in Softades-Larnaca
LARPY-PPRI-1938 Plot of land in Pyla-Larnaca
LAALA-PPHL-1993 Land for sale in Alaminos village-Larnaca
LAKAL-PDJK-2050 Plots in Kalavasos-Larnaca
LAPYL-PPRI-2171 Land in Pyla-Larnaca
LAKIV-PPRI-2251 Land for sale in Kivisili-Larnaca
PAKIS-PTHE-2318 Beachfront plot in Kissonerga-Paphos
LATHE-PPRI-2405 Building Plot in Ayios Theodoros-Larnaca
NISTR-PPRI-2364 Prime Land Investment in Nicosia
The Limassol Marina
LIMAR-ACYB-1746 Luxury Properties overlooking the new Limassol Marina
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