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Best Cyprus Properties


Linda is trying to get back to real life…

Hi Sue,

How are you? It’s really cold here – first day back at work there was a frost on the car & Dad was not exactly impressed having to get up at 2am – he was more than a little chilly!

Thank you for this information. I will look at it in more detail at some point but I’m just trying to concentrate on dealing with the purchase at the moment other wise I think that my head will explode! Things are going smoothly with the Bank of Cyprus despite the rather bumpy start. The valuation has been done, they have all the information from me they need to start the approval process and all that there is left to do is write to my mortgage lender here to get a reference which hopefully should be straight forward. Fingers crossed all will be well for 16th January!

I don’t think that any of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for your thorough research, honesty, negotiating skills and calming influence when things were getting a little manic. What was most impressive was the fact that you totally lived up to the information on the Living-Cyprus website – there was no pressure from you whatsoever to buy and you had done all of the hard work before we met so that there was no research needed from me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you really are a star!!!

I’ll keep you posted and will let you know when I’ll be back in Cyprus so that we can have a catch up.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Take care.