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Best Cyprus Properties


My story started a year ago when I put my house in the U.K on the market and started taking viewings (hard work !). I had no intention of moving abroad and when I had a buyer (with no chain, 2 cash buyers in the link) I put an offer on another house and prepared for a speedy sale and mortgage free living!

However it was not to be, and with an adverse survey and awkward buyers buyer I made a decision to look at property "in the sun" and saw that Cyprus was a hot spot. (had been here once years ago and with my daughter 2 years ago). Saw a fantastic bungalow and was hooked but didn't expect a personal 'phone call in response to my email noting my interest.

Chris Calogirou called (beating 2 more phone calls from UK web sites over the next few days) and I was totally charmed by this introduction to Cyprus. He asked a few questions relevant to my enquiry and left me to consider without any pressure. We then emailed over the next month, it was a big decision to make as I had things to sort out independent of the purchase.

When I had made my decision that I would like to view property in Cyprus, Chris explained that his company could arrange flight and accommodation or part and part, and we did the latter as I wanted to have a short holiday to get over the effect of the move (exchange and completion in the end was finalised when I was checking in at Gatwick Airport). Although all worked out in the end, it did seem like the move from hell and Chris was so supportive, receiving last minute emails with change of dates etc... he gave me clear instructions about the arrangements even phoning me on a Sunday, when I was surrounded by boxes in an otherwise empty house,...saying " I bet you are surrounded by boxes and wondering what you are doing"...
When I arrived in Cyprus I was met by Brigitta, as arranged by Chris. Brigitta, as I discovered is Polish, married to a Cypriot in Cyprus for 15 years or so and very happy and proud to be here. She met me promptly in the hotel reception with a firm handshake and warm smile. We discussed my requirements again as detailed in my emails to Chris and off we went on our tour of properties. This could have been a tiring experience but Brigitta was charming, taking her time to show me the locations then properties, some new developments, where we met the developers, others were resales, I was not sure if I wanted a flat or house so we looked at both. Over the next 3 days we did a tour of Limassol and Larnaca and I did so enjoy the experience of meeting all the friendly Cypriots she introduced me to.

When I had chosen my property we met with a Cypriot (female) Solicitor who had a Cypriot advocate who had just studied in Kent, England. They were professional, kind and totally committed to giving me the best advice, professionally and financially. I then finally got to meet Chris and his staff in the office in Limassol. Chris told me something, which has indeed been the case, which was that his staff would always be there if I had any problems in the future. I then was offered the opportunity to meet a UK company representative, based in Paphos, who was in fact Finnish! who arranged my money transfer. I moved into my house in September and have made a smooth transition, with more help from Brigitta with the purchase of my car.
This is my opportunity to thank Calogirou for an excellent property purchase experience. It all went smoothly and when there were slight hitches these were picked up on and quickly sorted, there was continuity. I love Cyprus and the people and the sun shines all the time! I will leave my mobile no with Chris and am happy to be contacted if any potential purchasers wish to do so.

Linda Mullings