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Best Cyprus Properties



Maria Stefanou

My name is Maria Stefanou. The experience and the knowledge I got as an Owner of my own company buying and selling properties for 18 years made me love the Real Estate field and wish to share this  experience and the knowledge with my clients.
As a Cypriot native and a seasoned real estate professional, I recognize and value the trust my clients place in me, and I strive every day to exceed their expectations. 
Outside of real estate, I enjoy having long walks in nature and finding new interesting places to visit in our beautiful island Cyprus.

I can be contacted on info@bestcyprusproperties.com 



Nikoletta Chasioti

I was born in Greece and I live in Cyprus for most of my life. I am married and a mother of 2 teenage daughters.

I studied in Athens and I am specialized in computers. 

Through my work I get in touch with a lot of people and I try to provide solutions to everyday problems in order to assist my clients and colleagues to have a better life.  

Life motto "you will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want"

I can be contacted on nikoletta@bestcyprusproperties.com 




 Hasmig Nassanian Capell

My name is Hasmig Nassanian Capell. I'm of Armenian heritage, was born in Lebanon, but have lived more of my life in Cyprus. I studied in the USA and married a man from NZ, and have done some travels around the world. Some of my favorite roles in life are being a mom to my teenage daughter, being a teacher, connecting with people, and creating community. My house was found by one of the lovely agents at Best Cyprus Properties, and now it has become a home that I love. I would like to make this a reality for you, too.

I can be contacted on info@bestcyprusproperties.com 


Brigitta Ioannou 

My name is Brigitta Ioannou. Born, raised and educated in Poland, but moved to Cyprus many years ago and planted a love for this island into my heart. Today a mother of two beautiful adult girls Louiza and Evi.

I am a sales executive with passion for helping you receive the results you want, by finding the home that is perfect for you and your family and guiding you throughout the entire process.  

I am honoured to work for this amazing company for approximately18 years now. The professionalism, ethical standards and respect towards all adhered to by Best Cyprus Properties are what I really love and appreciate.

My strategy is very simple:

I will listen to your requirements concerning properties.
I will return your phone calls and emails.
I will work honestly and hard for you.
I will represent you to the best extent that I can.
I will work hard to become YOUR personal real estate professional for life.
I will provide you with a dedicated and compassionate service!

Brigitta can be contacted on info@bestcyprusproperties.com


Pavlos Papapetrou

Pavlos Papapetrou, the company’s senior accounts executive. During your absence from Cyprus, or until your property was delivered and accounts need to be paid by someone in Cyprus, at no charge at all, he is your man. Pavlos is originally from Cyprus and he loves farming.

In a few words, Pavlos is the reliable solution for any after sales problems or requests you may have.

Pavlos can be contacted on info@bestcyprusproperties.com or directly at pavlos@bestcyprusproperties.com


Chris Calogirou

Chris Calogirou was born in Cyprus. Having had Greek and American education in Economics, Marketing and Management, he joined the company in 1985.

An active member of Cypriot society, he has been involved in sports, in the Red Cross, Round Table, the Opera Society, in the Estate Agents Association committee, in journalism and he has been a Lecturer of Economics in 3 different Colleges and Universities

Chris is married and a father of two grown-up children.

He believes that people can achieve a lot, even without having to sacrifice values and principles. Our job is the best way to make new friendships, which will last for life.

He often says “It is important to be able to look people in the eye after a business transaction”.

Chris can be contacted on info@bestcyprusproperties.com or Chris@bestcyprusproperties.com or bestcyprusproperties@gmail.com


Tatiana Antonenko

I was born and raised in Russia.
I graduated from a Technical University. For many years I worked as a Leading Engineer in the
Architectural and Construction Department of the Design Institute.
I strive to improve myself and my personal qualities and professional skills. I easily find a common
language with people, quickly adapt to change.
I am an attentive, interested person, able to assess the needs and aspirations of my clients.
I strive to learn as much as possible about my profession, its intricacies and the real estate market.