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Best Cyprus Properties


Hello Chris
I thought you had long forgotten me.  Apologies for not replying sooner, but I have only just opened my yahoo mail box.  I get so little in there now, only junk, that I tend to forget about it.
Thanks you so much for our Christmas greetings.  We are now, of course, living in Emba, Cyprus and as they say "living the dream".  We were delighted and cannot thank you enough.
The house is just perfect for us, location just right, in fact cannot find anything to grumble about at all.  The builders were, and still are so helpful.
We have friends, who we met in Cyprus where we stayed before our house was completed and they are having a nightmare of a time.  Their house should have been finished last May, but they are still waiting for it and have been in rented accommodation since they came here in September.  They are now in the process of suing the developers for compensation.
Their situation only highlights how lucky we were to have had you on our side and to point us in the right direction.  We cannot thank you enough.
We had hoped to see Susan now we are here, but she seems to be very busy, so that we could thank you through her.  Perhaps she will drop in on us one day when she is in this area, with a minute or two to spare.
My very best regards to you and your family
Graham Ward

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