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Best Cyprus Properties


Dear Brigitta
Thank you for the courtesy extended to us during our visit to Paphos and your kind help in showing us the various properties for sale.  We very much appreciated your patience and help you gave to us (also lunch). 
As you know we are proceeding with the purchase of the above property and would especially like to thank you to our lawyer - she is a workaholic and I am very impressed with her personal meeting and explanation of the legal requirements.  Her contract certainly protects the client from any greedy developers, she has a clause in her contract which prevents the developers charging any more than 50% of the Title Deed fee should we wish to sell before the Title Deed has been issued.  She also puts a clause in the contract which charges the Developer £400 a month should the property be late. 
We shall be visiting Cyprus again in October 2004 to choose the internal fittings and furnishings and would like to meet with you for a drink perhaps at that time if you are free. 
I have written to our lawyer with several questions and one of them is, who would inspect the property at the various stages when payments are due to ensure that the required work has been completed?  Would this be a member of her staff, or perhaps could you do this on our behalf?
Please let Chris see this E Mail as I would like him to know that you are very good at your job without being pushy or trying to talk us into a sale.  Aggressive selling is not very good with English people as we always like time to talk it through and think through all implications and we were pleased that you worked in this way.
If there is anything you can think of that will help us with the purchase or recommendations for shops to look at for items we will require for the apartment, then we would appreciate it.
Kind regards
Margaret Abrahams

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