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Best Cyprus Properties


Reference No.: LAGATH-AGLE-6474

  • Category: Apartments
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Status: For Sale
  • Condition: New
  • Prices from:


Technical specifications we create contemporary and high quality houses and residences.


Is a beautiful three floor apartment block situated on a very privileged area in Ayios Athanasios, close to all the local amenities and village centre and yet at a quiet and family friendly neighbourhood. The apartment block consists of only five apartments, two on the first floor, two on the second floor and a penthouse on the third floor.


Apartment 201

A two bedroom apartment of: 84m2 internal space 23m2 covered verandas Master bathroom with shower tray Guest bathroom A covered parking space and storage room Energy efficiency A

Price: €260000 + VAT

Apartment 202

A two bedroom apartment of: 83m2 internal space 30m2 covered verandas Master bathroom with shower tray Guest bathroom A covered parking space and storage room Energy efficiency A

Price: €260000 + VAT


Estimated occupancy date 12 months


High structure quality with perfect use of the interior space. Seismic reinforced buildings based on professional static studies that follow the Eurocodes. Modern design kitchens with high quality materials. Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom cabinets. Italian or Spanish tiles. Aluminum windows with double glass and thermal insulation.


Foundation and bearing structure:

Reinforced concrete structure.

Consisting of reinforced concrete.

According to architectural plans.

According to the static calculations of the static plan and study.

Based on ant-seismic design and surveillance.


Masonry: Interior and exterior

Bricks 10cm - thick internal

Thermal insulation Bricks 25cm or 30cm - thick external.


Plaster and paintings: internal and external surfaces Three plaster coats on the walls. Two spatula layers on the walls and ceiling. Three layers of paint on the walls and ceiling.


Aluminum: Doors and Windows Thermally insulated sliding windows and doors With a coefficient of thermal conductivity as low as 0.23 [W/(m2K)], the system offers superb thermal insulation properties which reduces considera[1]bly the energy costs.


Doors: Main door, internal doors, handles and door mechanisms Main door with modern design and fire insulation. Internal wood and laminate doors of high quality and modern design. Doors mechanism of high quality materials


Mixers & Bathroom Three way stainless steel European standards kitchen mixer with two years warranty. European standards stainless steel bathroom mixers with two years warranty


Kitchen : Doors, drawers, counter Kitchen counter with Italian Technogranite. Modern and high quality material kitchen. Door and drawer handles and door mechanisms of high quality ma[1]terials and European standards stainless steel.


Electrical installation : Electrical installation as per the specifications of the Cyprus Electricity Au[1]thority. Telephone sockets in the living room and in all the rooms. TV sockets in the living room all the rooms as well as outside covered areas. Provision of electric heating supply in living room all the rooms, bathroom s and kitchen. Provision of air conditioning socket in living room and all the rooms


Air conditioning: Installation of all the necessary supplies for an air conditioning system in all the rooms, living room and kitchen


Hydraulic installation: Installation of all of the services provided. Very high quality materials based on pipe-in–pipe technology. Installation based on a mechanical engineering study and design. Very high quality of Solar Water Heater 180Liters cylinder two years warranty. Quality material Tank of 1000 liter


Clarifications The company has the right to replace any of its subcontractors and suppliers at any time, keeping quality and price the same. If the buyer chooses to buy supplies from different supplier than what the company is providing, then the 30% inc. VAT commission (catalogue price) that the company is allowed, should be deducted. 3D design and images are only an approximation of the actual look and feel and are not the projection of the final end product. Interior design is not included in the purchasing price. 3D are only to create a better understanding of space and dimensions