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Best Cyprus Properties


Reference No.: LLIN-AAKT-6564

  • Category: Apartments
  • Location: LINOPETRA
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Status: For Sale
  • Condition: New
  • Prices from:

An address for coastal living, situated in one of Limassol’s up-and- coming areas, this boutique project combines eclectic design ingredients and luxury materials for a Mediterranean lifestyle in an urban setting. (Near Crown Plaza)

Boutique development of 30 luxury apartments near the beach.

Large terraces and communal swimming pool.

Sea views towards the beach, which is only a short walk away

and moments away from the city central.

Exemplifies structural quality, contemporary design, elegant interiors with modern technologies, all harmoniously balanced to resonate with those who value a sophisticated urban edge to coastal living.


Apt. No.

Floor No.

No. of Bedrooms

Covered Internal Area m2

Covered Terraces


Common Area m2

Total Covered Area m2

Uncovered Terraces



Price in Euro €

B 103









Technical Specifications


1.     Concrete Structure

Reinforced concrete frame comprising raft foundation, columns, beams and slabs, designed in accordance with

the regulations for anti-earthquake construction.


2.     Walls

Exterior walls are made of 25cm hollow bricks, with 8cm external insulation.

Internal partition walls are made of 10cm hollow bricks.


3.     Finishes
3.1    Floors
  1. The ground floor common entrance will be paved with marble.
  2. The common areas on each floor and the staircase will be paved with marble.
  3. The entrance hall, living, dining areas and bedrooms will have natural pre-varnished wood parquet with solid wood top layer.
  4. The kitchen in all apartments will have tiles.
  5. The terraces’ floor will be paved with ceramic tiles.
  6. The bathrooms will have ceramic floor tiles.
  7. The stores will have ceramic floor tiles.
  8. The parking area will have a concrete finish.


3.2    Walls


  1. Generally, all surfaces will have three coats of plaster and two coats of external paint.
  2. Part of the external surface will be covered with HPL panels.
  1. Generally, all surfaces will have three coats of plaster painted with three coats of emulsion paint.
  2. Bathroom walls will have two coats of plaster and will be lined with ceramic wall tiles up to a height of 2.65m.
  3. Kitchen walls will have three coats of plaster and a 54cm-high granite backsplash.



3.3    Ceilings
  1. The ceilings in the apartments are of fair-faced concrete treated with two coats of spatula and three coats of emulsion paint.
  2. Gypsum false ceiling will be provided in the bathrooms and painted with three coats of emulsion paint.
  3. Storeroom ceilings are of fair-faced concrete painted with two coats of emulsion paint.


4.     Insulation
  1. The roof will have screed to slopes and will be insulated with 8cm thermal insulation material and waterproof membrane.
  2. On the terraces, waterproof membrane will be laid under the ceramic tiles.
  3. On each floor, thermal insulation will be installed under floor screed.


5.     Doors & Windows
  1. The main entrance door of the building will be aluminium with glass. An electric lock will be installed and can be operated from each apartment.
  2. The main entrance door of all apartments will have an anti-burglary steel leaf structure. The door will be soundproof and fire resistant, with security lock and automatic floor seal.
  3. All internal doors will be imported and ready to be installed. The door frames will be of wooden block board with lacquer finish and rubber seals. The door leaf will be flat, with lacquer finish.
  4. Kitchen and living areas’ external doors and all windows will be sliding coloured aluminium.
  5. Bedroom windows will have sliding or hinged coloured aluminium frames with double-glazing.
  6. All storerooms will have aluminium louver doors.
  7. The kitchen will have a granite worktop.
  8. The kitchen cupboards will be imported from Italy. The structure will be chipboard with melamine finish. Cupboards include under sink aluminium base with basket, totally extractable drawers with cutlery display and dishes display.
  9. The bedroom wardrobes will be imported from Italy with laminated finish and hinged doors.


6.     Wardrobes & Kitchen Cupboards


7.     Sanitary Ware & Mixers
  1. Imported high quality white sanitary ware will be installed.
  2. Wall mounted WCs with concealed cistern will be installed.
  3. The mixers will be single lever.
  4. Stainless steel sink will be provided in the kitchen.
  5. Glazed cubicle will be provided for showers.


8.     Water Supply
  1. PVC pipes will be installed for hot and cold water supply lines.
  2. Electric water heater will be installed.
  3. Pressure system for hot and cold water will be installed for all apartments.


9.     Drainage
  1. PVC pipes will be used for the drainage system.
  2. The drainage will be connected to the town’s central sewage system.
  3. The entrance door will be controlled with a video entry phone.
  4. TV points in the living areas and all bedrooms will be connected to a

10.  Electrical Installations

central antenna and to a satellite dish.

  1. Two telephone lines will be installed, with telephone and computer sockets in the kitchen, living room and all bedrooms.
  2. Switches with safety fuses or dipolar switches with light indicators will be installed for all kitchen appliances in accordance with the Electricity Authority’s regulations.
  3. Spot lights will be installed in the bathrooms


11.  Electronic Home System
  1. An automated touch panel lighting control system will be provided.
  2. Full installation of individual security alarm system with motion detection sensors to control main entrance and balcony doors of each apartment.
  3. Full provision for surround sound in living room area.
  4. Full provision for control and automation (Smart Home) of all the above systems provides the

opportunity to connect all the systems to a central processor. All systems can be operated through a touch panel and/or remotely through internet, upon the buyer’s request.

  1. Upon request, other systems can be provided and connected to the

control and automation system, such as electric curtains, A/C units and heating.


12.  Air Conditioning

Full installation of V.R.F. system (heating and cooling) including the units, wiring, drainage system and installation of copper pipes.

13.  Central Heating

Underfloor heating with water will be installed using heat exchanger to utilise the heat from the V.R.F. unit.


14.  Energy Performance Certificate

The Buildings comply with the local Energy Performance regulation and have an A’ rating certificate of energy performance and low CO2 emission.


15.  Photovoltaic Panels

Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof of each building. The panels will be connected to each apartment’s electric metre, in order to have net metering of electric consumption.


16.  Lifts

A lift with marble floor and stainless steel cabin will be installed in each building.


17.  Kitchen Appliances

Kitchens are pre-fitted with ceramic hob, electric oven, extractor hood, washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator.


18.  Communal Swimming Pool

A communal swimming pool on the ground level will have a depth of 1.20m and will be reserved for the apartment residents.


19.  Car Entrance

An electrically operated gate will be installed to control the access to the car parking area.